Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Content Management Implementers Course

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Microsoft TechNet is a great place to get easy to use, timely and free information to implement new technologies. For example,  Silverlight, SharePoint 2010 Development and now how to implement SharePoint 2010 as an ECM platform. The new SharePoint ECM Implementers Course teaches implementers how to use SharePoint Server to implement an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. ECM systems are designed to manage large amounts of content. This content can include documents , wiki libraries, blog posts, and other types of non-document content.  This course develops the key skills that are necessary to deploy SharePoint Server for ECM solutions at organizations of any size.

This course consists of 15 in depth modules including, Infrastructure and Storage, Information Architecture, Content Types, Metadata Taxonomy, Implementing and Managing Search, and Records Management. The course was put together by Paul Andrew and Rob Bogue. The modules were produced by SharePoint MVPs Eric Shupps, Darrin Bishop, Ben Robb, Rob Bogue and myself. The modules were constructed with great care to make difficult subjects easy to understand.  The goal of the course is to help you clearly understand how to leverage SharePoint features to implement an ECM system.  I can attest to this because there was substantial re-work done before it could be considered easy to understand.

I learned a great deal from the process and Rob Bogue who taught me how to improve on taking a difficult subject and making it easy to understand.

I recommend you take the time to download the course and watch  it. The hands-on labs are straight forward and understandable. The course will give you a clear path on how to use SharePoint as an ECM platform.

SharePoint ECM Implementers Course

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