Thursday, April 11, 2013

Fast Deploy Visual Studio Extension for SharePoint 2013 Updated

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Last month I blogged about the new fast deployment Visual Studio extension I created for the SharePoint 2013 app model This extension allows you to make changes to a single file in your app model solution. Just right click on the file and have the changes automatically deployed without having to re-deploy the whole application. You won’t lose all your previously loaded list data and you won’t have to add your client app part back to the web part page. Saves a lot of time when developing app model solutions. The last version only supported on-premise SharePoint app model solutions. The newest version here SPFastDeploy now supports SharePoint app model solutions hosted in Office 365. The extension detects that your solution is hosted in O365 and will prompt you to login with your O365 credentials.

It also allows you to stayed logged in so you only have to do this once. The extension is great when developing client only app model solutions or when just making style and content changes. Let me know if improvements can be made using the Q/A section on the Visual Studio Gallery site. Also, if you like it give it a good rating. Hopefully, Microsoft will have something like this in the next update of the Office Developer Tools.